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Gayle Wyatt, author of historical fiction

Hi, I'm Gayle Wyatt

Like many authors, I'm a compulsive writer. I started telling and scribbling bedtime stories at a really early age. By the time I was twelve years old, I had begun constructing plots for my first novel. I’ve been writing ever since.

It's only now, though, many years and several careers later, that I'm turning seriously to fiction writing. My plan is to bring several historical series to print over the next few years.

Life has had a habit of getting in the way of my literary aspirations, and I don't think that has been a bad thing. I have done so much and learned so much. My first career was as a Physiological Measurement Technician working in the Health Service in the UK, and then moving to Bahrain for three years where I worked at the Salmanaya Medical Centre.

The second phase of my life was as a mother bringing up two beautiful sons, but when I decided it was time to return to work, I had the most amazing stroke of pure luck. While temping for a few weeks at a publishing company, I was able to put my writing and editing skills to good use, and I was offered a job as an assistant editor.

It was a dream come true and was the first step in a satisfying career! I eventually become magazine editor, a highly stressful job working to immutable deadlines, directing the editorial content, overseeing the quality of the magazine, managing a portfolio of writers and of course writing a vast number of articles and news items.


After 20 years in that role, moving from magazine to magazine, I decided to go independent, to spread my wings and perhaps de-stress a bit.  I became a freelance writer and branched out to manage the marketing for my musician son, and this inevitably led to marketing and web development for other budding and established musicians.

And is there time left in the day for writing?  Oh yes.  And I'm loving it.

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