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A riveting story

A riveting story about bravery, ambition and the enduring power of hope. Tenderly told and expertly crafted, it's at times heart-warming, at others devastating. An immersive, epic tale of family and fortitude you won't want to miss.

-Holly Miller

Bestselling author of THE SIGHT OF YOU

A beautifully written story

A beautifully written story that captures the essence of the 1930s, especially in the dialogue. I have not read a book that has touched me like this in a while. I ached for Maddy and everything she went through. I cannot wait to read the sequel.

-The Online Bookclub

Beautiful, heartwarming and captivating

A book with well-developed characters that you fall in love with. I couldn’t put it down. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure. A truly riveting read.

-Aria Harlow


Omigosh, I loved this book!

(At least 7 stars worth!) and have already recommended it to some of my musician peeps! Madeline Brooks's father is the "music maker" parent, a brilliant concert pianist who got some undeserved bad breaks in his once promising career. Maddy has always promised to follow in his footsteps and is well on her way when he, unexpectedly, dies. What will become of Maddy and her younger brother, Matthew, when everything they own has to be sold to cover bills?

-Louise Pledge


I couldn’t put it down.

With her father dead and her mother very ill in a sanatorium, Madeline and her brother are put in an orphanage where her musical talent is soon noticed and she is placed with the Belaugh family who nurture such talent and provide scholarships but all is not what it seems and Madeline is forced to run away. This is a lovely book which I could not put down and am looking forward to reading the next in the series.

-Barb Dee

Amazon verified reader

Excellent 20th Century historical novel.

I'm always seeking books with a different plot and this one qualified. Involves a talented young musician who is orphaned at a young age. However, her musical talents earn her a sponsorship in a special home by her benefactor along with a couple of other young kids. However, not initially known to Maddie, were the 'favors' expected of them. She flees, is found and returned until this comes to light. Overall interesting book for those who are interested in 'special talents' of the time.


Amazon verified reader

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