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BOOK FOUR - The Westcott Girls

Gail Richmond has a fight on her hands to live and love as she chooses.

It’s the summer of 1939. War is engulfing Europe. As Gail steps down from the train, she knows her future is in jeopardy.

Her father, a powerful lawyer, plans to marry her into money. Her feisty heart is set on a challenging career, and a lifestyle of her own choosing.

Can she outwit him, as he wields the law and considerable wealth against her?

Only by keeping a cool head and her intentions secret, can she wrest control and follow her dreams.

Fail, and she'll lose the man she loves, and the career she desires.

A gripping tale of courage, determination, and the will to be free.


Love Comes at a Cost - ebook.jpg

BOOK THREE - The Westcott Girls

A husband lost at Dunkirk, the vocation to make glorious music and a second chance at love.

It’s 1944. Widowed and grieving for her dead husband, pianist Madeline Hanson is touring with the Crawshaw Troop. Entertaining on air bases across East Anglia, she meets an injured RAF pilot with griefs and secrets of his own.

Deeply attracted to this peaceful music loving man, she begins to believe that life might once again hold the promise of love and musical fulfilment. It’s everything she has ever wanted.

But love comes at a cost, as she is about to discover.

Shadows from her past are reaching out to her. The enemy who destroyed her father, all but crippled her brother and attempted to kill her, is joining forces with her embittered guardian.

As Madeline picks up the threads of her beloved performing career, the noose is tightening around her. The trap is set.

The man she loves is the bait…


Love Comes at a Cost - ebook.jpg

BOOK TWO - The Westcott Girls

Beneath the outgoing façade Madeline Brooks hides a secret

Lively, energetic and ambitious, Madeline is studying music at the Royal Academy, building a career as a pianist. Behind the outward success, she is struggling to cope with scars inflicted on her psyche in her troubled past.

Then violinist Joshua Hanson enters her life. Deeply creative, gentle and sensitive, he is unlike anyone she has known before. He reaches out to her through music and unlocks her trapped emotions.

The outpouring of musical creativity sets them on the road to fame. For Madeline, it is a miracle. For Josh, it is a glory.

As they begin touring and performing together, Madeline is faced with an agonising dilemma. Dare she risk a more personal relationship? Can Josh help her overcome the traumas of her past? Or will this end in disaster, as all other relationships have?

Get it right, and their lives will be everything they have ever wanted. Get it wrong, the conflagration will consume them both.

A moving tale of courage and musical passion, set against a backdrop of family jealousy, revenge, and the outbreak of war.


Love Comes at a Cost - ebook.jpg

BOOK ONE - The Westcott Girls

Something is deeply wrong in the Belaugh household, and Madeline Brooks is about to step right into it.

When her beloved pianist father dies, Madeline loses everything - her family, her friends and home. But she never abandons hope. She dreams passionately of following in her father’s footsteps and making music her life.

Rising above the orphanage regime, she secures a music scholarship with the wealthy Belaugh family. It seems like a dream come true. But is it?

At Harborough Hall she begins to suspect her guardian is far more than he seems. Opportunity quickly turns to nightmare.

Loyal and kind-hearted, she fights to defend those she loves from harm. But can she save herself? Can she retain the one thing she values above all – her father’s gift for making music?

A gritty, heart-warming tale of determination and courage, friendship and loyalty.


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