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Westcott Girls
Westcott Girls front cover


Love Comes at a Cost

BOOK THREE - The Westcott Girls

A husband lost at Dunkirk, the vocation to make glorious music and a second chance at love.

It’s 1944. Widowed and grieving for her dead husband, pianist Madeline Hanson is touring with the Crawshaw Troop. Entertaining on air bases across East Anglia, she meets an injured RAF pilot with griefs and secrets of his own.

Deeply attracted to this peaceful music loving man, she begins to believe that life might once again hold the promise of love and musical fulfilment. It’s everything she has ever wanted.

But love comes at a cost, as she is about to discover.

Shadows from her past are reaching out to her. The enemy who destroyed her father, all but crippled her brother and attempted to kill her, is joining forces with her embittered guardian.

As Madeline picks up the threads of her beloved performing career, the noose is tightening around her. The trap is set.

The man she loves is the bait…

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