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Westcott Girls
Westcott Girls front cover


The Music Maker's Daughter

BOOK ONE - The Westcott Girls

Something is deeply wrong in the Belaugh household, and Madeline Brooks is about to step right into it.

When her beloved pianist father dies, Madeline loses everything - her family, her friends and home. But she never abandons hope. She dreams passionately of following in her father’s footsteps and making music her life.

Rising above the orphanage regime, she secures a music scholarship with the wealthy Belaugh family. It seems like a dream come true. But is it?

At Harborough Hall she begins to suspect her guardian is far more than he seems. Opportunity quickly turns to nightmare.

Loyal and kind-hearted, she fights to defend those she loves from harm. But can she save herself? Can she retain the one thing she values above all – her father’s gift for making music?

A gritty, heart-warming tale of determination and courage, friendship and loyalty.

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